Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January 9, 2011--She...

she is so beautiful.
so, so, so beautiful.
inside and outside.
she's a photographer.
she cooks.
she likes to and wants to travel.
she's passionate.
she's an activist.
she's a bartender.
she looks really hot in a skimpy tank top.
she likes jameson.
she writes poetry.
she writes letters to her congresspeople.
she has gorgeous big, piercing eyes.
she likes silly animal videos.
she makes funny movies.
she likes wigs and costume parties.
she works really hard for everything she has.
she's making me crazy.
she likes to dance.
she's not that good of a dancer.
she's all i can think about.
she makes my heart skip.
she gets nervous and embarrassed.
she makes me want to have a lot of sex.
she gave me a teddy bear.
she bought me a coffee.
she has beautiful breasts.
she makes me want to give her everything. all of me.
she sees the beauty in simple things.
she's a lesbian.
she doesn't wear dresses.
she has a girlfriend.
she's probably with her right now.
she's all that i want.
she's everything i want.
she's not with me.

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