Wednesday, December 28, 2011

February 2, 2011--Realization

Realizing that I need to find another lesbian to love. She talked today about having her best friend with her to keep her from hooking up with all the hot girls that are always hitting on her. :/ ss is a fool. I also doubt a few things, 1) that she knows that it makes the most sense of anything sensical in this world that beautiful women want to be with her 2) that she would be attracted to me. Today she talked about the hot ' little things' that were hitting on her sat nite, how hard it is for her to say no. she also suggested that I look at go magazine to find places to meet lesbians, after I hinted at wanting to join her on one of her nites out. But she and ss are still together, tho they're fighting. And so I need to just be happy that we're bldg a friendship and be happy when I get to be with her. She came into my office at the end of the day.she'd never done that before. Just to talk. We talked about her law school apps, her wii games, how she plans to have tons of fun when the lsat is over, age, that she's thinking about what to do for her birthday, that one of her eyebrows arches up when she smiles, that her gf doesn't understand her at all (i draw that conclusion based on what she said about ss's edits of her personal statement), how she's a good writer but needs a good editor and it's like she's cutting of an arm when she has to cut things. I'm the same way, and told her so. I did not tell her that I'm in love with her.

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  1. Ha, last sentence of this is hysterical.

    1. :) Thanks. It's nice that someone else (other than myself) thinks I'm hilarious.