Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Documenting the journey

This blog is for those of us who are queer, whatever that means to you, and are coming to get to know that aspect of ourselves a bit later in life.

I'm 30 years old. I realized that I was....something other than straight.....on Jan. 2, 2011. I was 29. I know that's when it happened because I wrote about it that day. On a blog that my soon-to-be ex husband later found. (But we'll get to that story later.)

There are many things on that other, very private blog, that are not really part of my journey to where I am now, a 30 year-old, lesbian-identified woman. Many things on that blog that I probably won't share out of an attempt to respect my ex-husband. But I've done a lot of writing about this crazy, wonderful, difficult, painful, thrilling experience I'm having, as I realize that the person I always thought I was, who everyone important in my life thought I was, is not who I am, or who I want to be.

And so...I'm going to repost many of my writings from the past year+, will attempt to fill in some of the blanks between May (when I stopped writing for awhile) and now, and will continue to document what it's like for me, a 30 year-old woman, who pretty much walked away from everything that 29 years of her life had set her up for, and is now here, in NYC, single, gay, and really, really happy.

And scared.

And so I write.

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  1. Ok, let's try this again. You are a brave woman. Is this working?