Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my own savior...

Yesterday as I was driving home from spending Christmas with one of my best friends and her family, Adele's "Turning Tables" came on. Now, there's the joke going around that if you listen to Adele, you are asking to/wanting to sob hysterically (see: the SNL skit with Emma Stone), and it's a joke going around because it's actually completely true. But the funny thing is, I have probably listened to 21 more than I've listened to anything else this year, and absolutely, I bawled my fucking eyes out to it tons of times.

But since I've settled in to my new life, her songs haven't made me sob anymore, and I can just listen and appreciate how awesome she is.

But for some reason, yesterday, as I listened to "Turning Tables" this line really stuck out to me:

Next time I'll be braver/ I'll be my own savior/ Standing on my own two feet

I have listened to and sung along to those lines a hundred times, and yet, yesterday, they really hit home. And I cried.

Because that's me. That's what I'm hoping to, trying to, planning to do now.  And as I realized that, I felt....proud. Scared. A little sad. And excited.

I'll be my own savior.

I think maybe I've found my next tattoo :)

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  1. OK, so this is from the real December 2011?? I guess I'm a little confused, but this is sweet. Gonna have to listen to that song.