Sunday, January 15, 2012

August 8, 2011--Meh. (also, I am dumb.)

……so remember how a while ago I was like “I’M GONNA TELL MY EX TO FUCK OFF!” ?

Remember that? And my melodramatic “letter” to her? And how I was gonna tell her I was done a few weeks ago?


I didn’t. I saw her a few more times. And she yanked my heart around a little bit more. And she made ZERO EFFORT to spend time with me this weekend. And she hurt me and made me feel like a fool for starting to trust her again. And now. I. am. DONE.

I will not be texting her, chatting her, playing Words with Friends with her. (okay, that last one seems a little weird, but I swear it matters.)


I deserve someone who makes me feel special and worthy of their time. I wish I could stop forgetting that…

(Note from the future: Shortly after blogging this, I did actually send her a "dear confusing ex-girlfriend" e-mail, but it was longer, and more specific, and really level-headed and respectful, both to her and to myself, I think. And she responded pretty quickly, and said, basically, "you're absolutely right, I'm still not sure what I want and that's resulting in me being completely ridiculous to you, so I understand if you need to back away from me. I'm sad, but I get it." So that happened.)

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