Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 13, 2012--little moments

I went to see her tonight. Just for a little bit. Ostensibly to return some stuff she'd left here, but really so that I could get in one more hug, one more kiss, now that I can (ohmygod, now I can) before she goes out of town for the weekend.

Her roommate was home.

Her roommate is never home.

Oh, the annoyance, I cannot even begin to put words to it.

So we mostly sat in the living room, her roommate between us, and watched TV.

Then I kept her company in her bedroom, with the door wide open (oh, the agony) while she packed for her trip.  It was frustrating. She's so cute. I just wanted to squeeze her. I could not.

Then we came back out and watched some more TV. We shared a few looks, some half smiles, some smirks. I noticed how pretty she is. I bet she doesn't even know.

Then, blissfully, her roommate went to pee (wow, if I had a nickel...), and we stole a few kisses and shared a long hug and it was very sweet and I was sad to leave. I just wanted to sit beside her and hold her hand. That's all. I feel like I could spend days and days just doing that with her.


I'm excited and scared to see what happens next...

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