Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 4, 2012--multiple baskets

So...I've noticed a pattern.

When I start feeling pulled back in to the orbit of any of the select few women that I would still very easily become lusty over (again), I find myself running back to okcupid to find some....distraction. (That sounds kind of terrible. But, what I really mean is, I know myself, and I know that I tend to fall for someone and then just want them, all of them, want to know everything and talk about everything, and...shocker, that freaks people out. And is also the way into a Committed Relationship, which I don't think I need right now.  So instead, I try to spread my proverbial eggs around so that I don't get too attached too quickly. This has been working thus far....ish.)

Anyway, that happened again this week, after my 2 consecutive hook-ups with SM.  She makes me feel unstable somehow, and so, I find that I've started paying more attention to my "quiver" matches on okc, and actually have 2 potential dates in the works for the next week.

All while still hoping that things with SM will continue....continuing.  If only because I love sex with her, and she has amazing breasts.

Wow. So gay. 


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  1. I actually think this isn't a bad idea. I think being distracted can sometimes help us not put all our eggs in one basket all at once. At least, I used to fine it useful to purposefully keep setting up dates if I was starting to date someone. It stopped me from obsessing.