Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 4, 2012--stings

hung out with SC and my bff tonight.

I was looking forward to it, especially because I've been feeling pretty lonely all week, starved for fun human contact, etc. Also, SC texted me at 1 am last night for comfort as she was freaking out about a cis-male she's interested in.  It was rough being the one she turned to with her dating woes, since, of course, why isn't she dating me???? but also nice that she thought of/trusted me to turn to.

But then I go over. And it made me sad. She talked about this guy sooooo much, and how she's sending out tons of messages on okc now and blahblahblah. And I couldn't help but feel like shit. :( I feel like a teenager, "why don't you like meeeeeeee?" but that's how it feels.

the rejection stings.

but she clearly only thinks of us as friends now. and seems to want to be good friends. so i just need to let time heal the wound....

but it still smarts.

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