Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 9, 2012--well. okay, then.


Friday night I texted SM, asked her what her plans were that night, since I was planning to go out with my bf, and figured maybe it'd be nice to see her. We texted back and forth a bit, and ultimately made the plan for bf and I to meet up with her before heading to Henrietta Hudson to dance it up.  

So we met up, she was adorable per usual, we took some shots (which I later forgot about when I then had MANY MORE SHOTS) and headed out.

I don't remember much of what happened next (see the above mention of MANY SHOTS), other than that at some point SM and I were talking about what it is that we're doing, and I think I asked her, " this...okay? what we're doing? This hanging out and having sex and what not?" And she said, "I think it's okay, if we're okay with it..." And I said, "I'm okay with it..." and then we made out.

And then....then she came back to my place, and she wanted to wear my strap-on.  (Yes, I have a strap-on. Yes, that should get its own post. I'm on it.) So I remember putting it on her, and it being really hot, and then she fucked me with it.

This was unexpected and enjoyable.

It was soooooooo hard leaving her in my bed the next morning (I had to head to NJ). But, it was also empowering, as I don't remember there ever being a time, when we were actually dating, when she begged me to stay, begged me for 5 more minutes, looked at me with as much desire in her eyes as she did that morning as I kissed her and left her.

And to all of this I say: well, alright! Game on.

(Note from the future: The experience of posting my life on this blog is so surreal right now. I'm almost caught up to my present-day life, thank god, because it's a bit of a mind fuck to be reading about my life ONLY TWO WEEKS AGO and being like "LOL, yeah and then EVERYTHING CHANGED THE NEXT DAY." It's a bizarre experience, people. So yeah, basically EVERYTHING CHANGED the day after I wrote this. But I'm not ready to post that one yet...stay tuned.)

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