Thursday, January 12, 2012

July 15, 2011--Options? Options...


So, shit’s a little weird right now?

Alright, so the night after hot cop told me that she likes me but needs to just “hang out”, I then hung out with Swiss Miss, whom, if you recall, I dated for 2 months awhile back, and then she dumped me.

Anyway, I met up with her, we went to a bar, talked, flirted, and she basically told me that she’s still in to me and maybe the timing was just weird before (I was still very newly gay) and she really likes spending time with me and so maybe we just shouldn’t analyze it too much and should just see what happens, right?

And I was like, “well, I still like you too, and you’re hot.”

So…we went back to my place and had amazing sex.

Good times.

THE NEXT DAY, hot cop texts me randomly to say “how are you?” She NEVER has done that before. It’s like she could feel a shift in the lesbians-I’ve-fucked energy field or something and knew that she had lost some ground. So weird. (And, more on this later.)

Anyway, so hot cop and I then text and flirt a little for like an hour. Very cute. I learn more things about her that confirm that she is my perfect woman (other than that I think she’s too awesome for me). Then…radio silence. :( I texted her cutely as I was waiting for the HP premiere last night (we had talked about it earlier) and I never heard back.

I am trying REALLY hard to not read into this or think I did something wrong or spiral into a deep depression. I really am…

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