Thursday, January 12, 2012

July 18, 2011--blech

today buh-lows. Why, you ask?

i went on to facebook this morning to see that my ex-husband is now “in a relationship.” In theory this is all well and good, and I knew he was dating someone, but…wtf?! It’s been like, 4 months. Annnnnd she has a horse face, I’m just saying. But worse than that, my best friend in the world commented on this status change immediately, like she was happy about it, and so I cried. By 9:20 this morning I was crying at my desk. Good times.

Now, please note, I do NOT want to be with my ex. 1) he has a penis. 2) he is an asshole. 3) i am gay. But still, you know? Ouch. I am most definitely not in a relationship, though my prospects may be good, they are still. just. prospects.

AND my #1 fuck buddy just cancelled on me because she has to work.

AND my afore-mentioned best friend just blasted me via email for scheduling to get my tattoo in the middle of our planned hang out day.

AND I’m about to be done with this job and don’t have anything lined up.

AND I spend money like I have money. Which I do not.

So, yeah….today blows.

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