Friday, January 13, 2012

July 26, 2011--Somebody tell me to STOP IT.

So, Swiss Miss, who, if you’ve been following along, was the first woman I seriously dated, dumped me after 2 months because she felt like “I liked her too much,” then has proceeded since that time to flirt with me and hook up with me and talk about marriage and babies and introducing me to her mother with me, and who has blatantly said that she doesn’t like me dating other people, even though we’re not officially dating, and who I haven’t seen in a week, and who just got back into the city today, CANNOT HANG OUT TONIGHT BECAUSE SHE ALREADY MADE PLANS WITH HER HYSTERICAL, ANNOYING-AS-HELL, “BEST FRIEND” WHO IS SUPER ANNOYING.

In addition to this, all weekend she was almost completely AWOL, not texting back and forth like usual, apparently because she was at her mom’s and her mom “goes crazy” if she texts around her.  Um…you’re a grown ass woman? Whatever.

So then *I* ask her if she wants to go out tonight, and she’s blowing me off.


I should’ve known better! She sucks me in, and then, as I start to open myself up to her again, WHAM, she backs away and I feel like an idiot.

WHAT THE FUCK!? Screw this, I’m just gonna focus on hot cop and call it a god-damned day.

Right? That’s what I should do. Right!!????

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