Monday, January 9, 2012

June 15, 2011--Holy shitballs

the following things happened to me last night:

  • I won a $100 bar tab at my favorite lesbian bar in the village
  • I only paid for ONE drink the entire night, and had, um…WAY more than 1 drink
  • Met up with Swiss Miss, who I dated for 2 months, and who, about a month ago, told me we should “just be friends”
  • Met “Sarah”, who’s in a band
  • Made out with “Sarah”. In front of SM.
  • Got hit on by many, many women
  • was THIS CLOSE to having a 3-way with SM and “Sarah”
  • pretty much made plans to have a 3-way with SM and “Sarah” at a later date
  • Went home with SM and fucked her. A lot.
yeah…being gay is fucking awesome.

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