Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mid-October 2011--Fizzle. Spark.

so, things with YO are fizzling.

I've realized some things about her, and about how I feel about dating her, that make me think I don't so much want to date her. :\

Some of the things:
  • Her voice actually really annoys me. Like, really.
  • She talks about her girlfriend a lot.  Once, she even left me sitting alone at a bar for OVER AN HOUR while she went outside to talk to her girlfriend because she was freaking out that said girlfriend had just hooked up with someone else. (Note: we had been hooking up for at least a month already by this time.)
  • It is sooooooo hard to find time to see her. And when we do finally meet up, most of the time, especially recently, we're both super tired AND only have, like an hour together, OR we literally just fall asleep on the couch.  *sigh*
  • Last time I was with YO, at Stiletto, this girl who I met a few months ago through one of my besties (I'm still thinking of a codename for her, stay tuned) was there and...all I wanted to do was spend time with her the entire night, which I pretty much did. I've been noticing for a while now that I'm really drawn to her, and I actually told her so a few weeks ago, but that night, it was...palpable.  Most of the night I was, ostensibly, helping her to find some ladies to chat up, but then realized that I did not at all want her to be chatting anyone up, thank you very much! And eventually I was drunk/brave/stupid enough to tell her that, though I think I actually said something fairly obnoxious like "I can only wish you half-luck as you go try to get that girl's number, because, well, I would like to hook up with you." I know, I've got mad skillz.  But apparently, my skillz are adequate, because a short time later, I think before she went to try to find said girl above, she came up to me and planted one on my lips. YO was sitting, like, 10 feet away. So brazen. I loved it. She's kind of amazing...
So....yeah, I think I'm gonna stop seeing YO. Seems legit.

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