Thursday, January 19, 2012

October 1, 2011--update

So, the only truly interesting thing that happened in the past two weeks is that things have progressed-ish with YO (the 24 year-old).

(A little backstory on YO: she has a girlfriend. Yep. She and her girlfriend are trying out an open relationship. For the first time. I am the first person that YO is dating as they try out this open relationship thing. YO is very open with me about all of this, and I am mostly okay with the situation because I think this set up will be a good way for me to keep from getting tooooo invested in being with one person too soon. Cuz I do that sometimes....And I'm also just kind of curious to see how this shakes out, and I like her, so I figure, what the hell, right?
Okay! Now you're all caught up.)

Last weekend, we made plans to meet up on Saturday night, with every intention of ending up back at my place. This plan was formed when I met up with her at my fave lez bar on margarita Tuesday, and we realized that we had both actually wished we’d met up at my place instead of out because we very much wanted to just be naked together as opposed to in Cubby making out furiously with no chance for nakedness. Sexual frustration abounded.

So, we realized we needed to fix that shit, and Saturday night plans were made. Ok.

But THEN she invites me to come meet up with her AND HER GIRLFRIEND at the birthday party she had to go to before coming to meet me on Saturday. She said that her gf would like to meet me, if I was cool with that? I luckily had too much shit to do so couldn’t meet up with them, but what if I could have???

Would I have??

But wait, WTF??

So there’s that.

Anyway, YO then leaves her gf to come meet up with and have sex with me. We lasted at the party we met at for…oh, about 10 minutes, then hopped in a cab and fell into bed. Lots of sexy times were had, and it was so great to be back between a woman’s legs again…yummy.

She wasn’t supposed to “sleep over” (one of the rules of their open relationship) but we passed out and she didn’t leave until 6. And she left behind a can of kissable whipped cream that we didn’t get around to using, but we will :) (Note from the future: We didn't.)

So, the sex was great, but there’s still so much I feel we need to TALK about, you know? And maybe that’s extremely lesbian of me, but whatever--a spades a spade. :)

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