Friday, January 27, 2012

Second date

(Note: This post is somewhat cheeky. It makes it seem like I'm over whatever happened/didn't happen with SC. I am not.  I'm just trying to not dwell and obsess about it because there's no point to doing that. It was confusing and hurtful and I'm pretty sure that somewhere in there I got fucked over for no discernible reason, but I'm trying to just get on with things.  I have it on good authority that *I* did not actually fuck this one up. So I'm gonna hold onto that and move the fuck on. Here we go.)

so, apparently SM went on date #2 with someone she met on OKCupid last night.

I actually don't really think I care about this. In fact, I was texting with her and was like "oooooh, who is it? what's the dish?" and actually wanted to know! I don't feel jealous, just curious.

But of course, SM freaks out at the slightest hint that there are any feelings of any sort happening anywhere around her, so she sends me this slightly panicky text about how "maybe we don't need to talk about this stuff" and should just be "honest with each other when things come up." um.....okay? I really have no idea what that means, but, I'll roll with it.

Just give me your boobs in my face. I'll be fine.


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