Wednesday, January 18, 2012

September 15, 2011--Resolved: Lesbian radiowaves EXIST

Annnnnd, back to the back-log...

OMG you guys….I now have PROOF that lesbians can feel it in the fucking air when someone they’ve had a *thing* with, any type of thing, is shifting ever-so-slightly away from them.

The evidence is as follows:

Last night, I had date number two with a new girl from okcupid, let’s call her….YO. (short for Young One, she’s 24. I’m clearly having an issue with this. But I digress….) So I’m on date 2 with YO. it went really well, we did some incredibly hot, super long, completely PDA making out before we went our separate (sub)ways (pun!)  UNF, she’s a good kisser. It was awesome. She almost came home with me. We joked about her coming over “to see my lithographs” and for those of you who don’t get the joke (i.e. are babies :p), that’s an old joke for saying “do you wanna come over and fuck our brains out?” but it’s much more polite to ask them to come see your art collection (which you probably don’t really have). :o)

Okay, so that happened. As I’m training it home, I look down and have a random-ass text message from SM, the ex. All it says is “Hey! How’s it going?” or something equally benign.  And I laughed out loud. She has always had an uncanny ability to reach out to me when I’m blissfully moving on from her, and this is no exception. Blegh. I txted back, but didn’t say much.  She mentioned again that she’s sad she can’t make it to my birthday celebration this weekend, and I think to myself, “Meh, it’s better this way.”

Then. Today I get a COMPLETELY RANDOM AS HELL text from hot cop. Yeah, remember her? Exactly. She who completely backed away from me like I had the plague, and whom I was still trying to reach out to as of, like, last week, because I would still be totally cool with having sex with her a few (hundred) more times. Not gonna lie. But anyway, she randomly texted me today to tell me about something funny she saw at work. I was so shocked I actually asked her if she’d meant to text me, because once awhile back she had actually texted me by accident instead of her roommate. But no! She meant to text me….. oooooooh-kay.

I am baffled.

I was careful not to fill the “silence” at the end of our brief texting with my usual “so……wanna hang out?” and just let it fade away. So….yeah, that happened.

So, come on, right?? There’s some sort of lesbian 6th sense at work, at least in this city.

Note from the future: I'm REALLY curious if others of you lovely readers have had this experience. Have you? I know you have. Let's talk about it in the comments, hmmm? Share away!

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