Friday, January 6, 2012

a tumblr...for a bit

k, this point in the story (May 2011), I stopped blogging.

*womp womp*

by that point I'd hidden my old blog from everyone, so I wasn't getting the release I apparently needed of sending my ridiculous life out into the ether and away from me, so that I could keep going. So I just stopped.

But then. Then I discovered tumblr. And at first I did not understand tumblr. But then I did understand tumblr. Here's how I would explain tumblr if anyone were to ask me:
Tumblr is a place where you can be super gay and/or queer and/or lesbian and/or whatever you want and you can also fan-girl over anything you want and nobody is going to judge you for any of that, and in fact they will think you are awesome because of those very things! Tumblr=safe haven.
So I started a tumblr. And it was where I really started to be able to say, "out loud" as it were, OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I AM REALLY REALLY GAY! And it was good.

I will not share my tumblr name on this blog, but I did some digging, and I did actually write a bit on my tumblr here and there about my dating escapades,'re in luck! 

So basically, all of this is to say that the next batch of posts, until we catch up to January, are pieced together from my recollection, and from my tumbl-ing.

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