Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Oh, she apologized to me, btw.

SC, that is.

The day after I took her off my gchat list and changed my fb profile pic so that I wasn't seeing her face all the time (I, as did she and my two besties, had as my profile pic a rather adorable shot of all of us taken at New Year's Eve), she chatted me a response to the last thing I'd said to her when we had attempted the day before, rather unsuccessfully, to resolve things a bit between us. I had asked that she stop reading my blog, and that next day, she messaged that she would stop reading it. That she understood that it was my space to process things.  (Let the record show that I suggested that she stop reading it when I started writing about her. She kept reading it anyway. I doubt that this helped things much.)

Then she said that she had meant what she said to me, when she said she had feelings for me.  But that she was sorry she said anything, because she's not ready to deal with a romantic relationship, and that it was really messed up (she actually said "cruel," which I agree with, honestly) to open that door when she wasn't really ready to.


So we'll see what happens. I hope we're able to get back to some sort of friendship. We used to talk (gchat, whatever) all the time, and now we...don't.  I mean, she's still funny, and smart, and witty, and political, and obsessed with pop culture things, and I still want to talk to her, you know?


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