Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Really funny. (Shouldn't be funny.)

The following is a text conversation I just had with SM, after not speaking with her since March 11.

Me: Randomly found your undies today. Let me know if you want me to mail them to you, stranger!

SM: hahah, totally forgot about those! are you?

Me: Yeah, it was awhile ago! I'm good...

SM:  I dunno what you're up to this weekend...wanna try to get together and catch up?

Me: Hmmm...yeah, sure, um...maybe Sunday? Or friday.

SM: You sound pissed or there something you want to say? I don't wanna hang out if you're gonna be pissed at me

Me:  ??? do I sound pissed? Come on, {name}, really?

SM:  I don't know! You throw me off with all those dots! This is why texting drives me crazy...forget I said anything...anyway, Friday?

Me: know I text like I talk!  But why do you think I should be pissed at you??

SM: I thought you might be because I haven't been around lately

Me: Ah...well, I assume you have your reasons! So Friday can work, wanna come over for dinner/drinking? I have {dog}, so would like to stay in

SM:  K sounds good!

SM: Talk to u Friday...Night!


Can you, dear readers, please tell me what your reactions are to this exchange? I'm really just finding the whole thing...ridiculous. Laughable. Pathetic. (The pathetic part is that I started the whole interaction.AND AM MAKING PLANS TO SEE HER ON FRIDAY.)

Le sigh.

Please, please feel free to offer your two cents in the comments! I need some input here!!!


  1. Hiya E, found you through Denver Dyke. I'm another late-in-life woman, though you've got me beat by about ten years. My blog has been somewhat slow recently since I've been traveling and focused on that, but I'm always happy to encounter other women going through the coming-out-AND-getting-divorced thing. It's very layered. My divorce was final May 5 of 2011, and my ex and I are still amicable. We have two children together (I got custody of the dog, booyaa). Anyway, nice ta meetcha and I'll be back to regular posting over at my place soon.

    Regarding the text, I gotta say it's really up to you but from a quick skimming of the other posts about SM, I'd suggest going into it with no expectation that it will lead to anything other than a fun night. My two cents, worth exactly what they cost ya. LOL

  2. Hey E....I found your blog through BlogHer last week and have read through all your posts. I'm a "didn't realize I was really a lesbian until I had kids" kinda girl. Luckily it happened when was 19(and my twin daughters were only a few months old). Although I have been more into girls than guys my entire life.

    And judging by how SM has been throughout the entire time you have known her I agree with above person when she said go into this with no expectation. The way SM acts makes me think of that Katy Perry song "Hot N Cold". Not sure if you listen to that but check out the lyrics.

    I hope out for you(which ever way that would be). Looking forward to hearing how things go on Friday.

  3. To both Megan, and MakingSpace, helloooo! Thanks so much for reading, and thanks even MORE for commenting, it's nice to get support from people, especially women who've had similar experiences. So, really, thank you so much.

    [Sidebar: SM just left my place, details coming soon!]