Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SM update

Okay!  Let's catch up on the weirdness that is my "relationship" with SM! Yaaaaaay!

Alright, so that Friday night, I was super exhausted b/c I'd just gone to see the Hunger Games movie at midnight the night before (sidebar: doing that was unfortunately ill-advised and not worth it, and it took me like 4 days to recover, but I digress).

Anyway, I get home from work Friday, after arranging with SM that she'll bring the wine (clearly the most important aspect of the planning), and then I don't hear from at all and I look at my phone and it's like, 8:30. I think I told her she could come over anytime after...7? And she gave no indication that she wouldn't come around then. So I'm literally trying to send a text to my friend about how I am DONE with her and this is ridiculous and WHAT THE FUCK, but it's not going through and I'm confused because I have "bars" and it should be working. So I give up and start watching Big Bang Theory and pour myself some wine and am planning to fall asleep in the next 30 minutes. 

Then, my doorbell rings. Like, MY doorbell. Like, the door of my apartment.  Not even the door to the building. MY DOOR.

I open the door, and it's her. I was baffled and sputtering and ever-so-slightly annoyed to see her standing there. I say, "Oh! I was getting worried about you!" She says, "I texted you that I was on my way? and then I couldn't remember where you lived exactly, and I got off at the wrong stop, and I couldn't remember your apartment number, so I was out there buzzing for awhile and finally someone let me in..."


So she comes in, we sit at the table to talk, order some food and...I don't know. It was kind of awkward.  We didn't acknowledge much that it'd been so long since we'd talked, that there was so much that we weren't saying. Which I hate, of course.

Eventually we move to my tiny couch to watch a movie (The Change Up. I don't recommend it. We got through about 20 minutes of it. Blegh.)  We then switch to Dirty Dancing (ahhhh, much better) and at some point I move to touch her thigh as I'm emphasizing a point and I...don't. My hand screeches to a halt an inch above her leg and she looks at me and says, "You can touch my leg, you know!" I look at her skeptically. "Can I? I don't know what I can do with you anymore!" It's said half jokingly but the truth in it is clear.  She rolls her eyes and says "You can."


So from that point on we get a little more cuddly, with her ultimately laying with her head in my lap.  It was nice, cozy, familiar. But there was no kissing. No, um...sexy touching. Just comfortable.

She slept over that night, but I was sooooooo exhausted, we just slept, though we slept topless. (I mean, come on, why waste the chance to cuddle up nice, you know?)

The next morning, she started kissing my back and making it pretty clear that she wanted to fool around so we...fooled around. It was....okay. I was sleepy, what can I say?

I remember telling her that she's beautiful (she is), she thanked me for having her over, I walked her to the door, we kissed goodbye, and she told me we'd talk soon (we haven't).

As I finish writing this long overdue post, it's been...almost 3 weeks since that night. We had achieved nice, hearty radio silence, and then on Easter sunday, she facebooks me "Happy Easter." Um....okay? I am not religious at all, and she knows that, so...I don't really know what that was about.

Anyway. That's that.

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