Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gay = OK! (or, I made a gay shirt, you guys!)

Hello dear readers!

As I was brushing my teeth a few days ago (which is usually when I do my best thinking), I thought "Gay=OK" and then I thought, "hmmmm, I haven't seen that on a shirt! It should be on a shirt! Is it on a shirt?"

I did some googling, and, no! It's not.

So, I made some! Pride's coming up, which is always a good time to wear shirts that sing the praises of glorious gayness, so some of them have "Pride 2012" on them (I didn't add a city so that anyone can wear them to any pride celebration!). I added a widget to the sidebar over there ---------->
and here's a link: Gay=OK store.


They're about $25-30 a pop, which includes 5 bucks coming back to me for "designing" them. Let me know (in the comments or using my "Contact Me" form) if you want a Gay=OK shirt but don't like the options available, I'd be glad to make some different ones, too!

I'm so curious to see if anyone other than me likes these--I know I'm buying a few for myself and the gf! (Also, more on that soon, I've got a lot of things to write about!)


  1. Your T-shirt is a great idea and a wonderful message. If your Pride is anything like ours, (Toronto) lots of people buy T-shirts on that day. Good luck with it. :-)

  2. Lesbian Independence Fuels Evolution

    Live it how you want to!

    Love the blog x