Monday, May 7, 2012

Aqua Girl 2012: Reflections

Aqua Girl 2012. Four days of heat, crystal blue water, drinking, and lesbians. 

I was there.

It was overwhelming. Hot. Fun. Loud. Gay.

The things that struck me most about the weekend were:
  • The Diversity--There were women of every ilk at Aqua Girl.  All shapes, sizes, races, ethnicities, orientations.  It was quite beautiful, really. I loved it.
  • The Couples--There were so. many. couples! I wasn't expecting this.  Everywhere you looked, there were women holding hands, gazing adoringly at each other, just--being together.  I was shocked to find that I very much want that too, it turns out.  I was on this vacation, surrounded by beautiful single, gay women, and--I wasn't really interested in finding someone for a fling. (Or, a "Pride Girlfriend," as my new friend Jo called it.)  Nor did I try to.  I spent time with my friends, appreciated the view, so to speak, but--I didn't make a single move to hook up with some random girl.  Basically, it hit me over the head like a ton of brinks (or an ample bosom)--I want a girlfriend. Huh.
  • How Old I Felt--I am a good, some might say champion, drinker. I often joke that this is the most valuable skill I gained in undergrad. (But seriously, it kind of is.) So, I am a good drinker and this weekend was, at its core, about drinking like a champ.  And yet, I spent most the trip in the area between sober and mildly buzzed. I barely took advantage of the open bars I had access to as a VIP pass holder, and actually chose to skip the big Saturday night party--partly because I had terrible heartburn and cramps, but partly because I was feeling rundown and tired and didn't want to go to another fucking party, EVEN THOUGH I had dropped a lot of dough for it. Also, can I reiterate that I had heartburn? Heartburn! As of 1 year ago I had never had heartburn. Oy.
Exhibit B--At the final party of the weekend, we walked into the back room (where the dance floor was), and I immediately walked back out because the music was too loud.  All I needed was a cane to brandish and a patch of grass to shoo kids off of, and my transformation into crochety old woman would be complete.  It was SOOOOOOOO LOUD though! Like, the bass made my heart feel like it was going to bounce out of my chest. NO THANK YOU.
Add to all of this the fact that I just wanted to be sitting somewhere holding someone's hand who I loved (okay, and maybe having sex with them) rather than in that club in Miami that smelled unmistakably like last night's vomit and the case is closed.
I be old.

So, those are my initial thoughts on Aqua Girl.  It was fun, but I will definitely do it differently if I go back. For example, I'll probably go with my girlfriend next time.

Yeah...That'll be nice. Now I just need to find her.