About this blog

Starting in January of 2011, I wrote--in absurd detail, most of the time--about my experience of realizing I was queer/lesbian and leaving my marriage, at 29. But I never showed anyone that writing. But, now I'm ready to.

So, this blog started in the past, 3+ years ago, and has continued through all the ups and downs of my life as a new lesbian.  Even now, at 32, it still feels very new. 

To read the whole story from the beginning (it's long, get ready), find the archive over there ------> somewhere, expand 2011, and start from the bottom! 

[If you don't want to wade through my archives, worry not! I'm also working on my book, which will include all the good stuff from this blog, and much more, including everything that happened before this blog started, in a much easier-to-read format, i.e. well...a book. So, yeah, stay tuned!]

I'd love to hear your thoughts, reactions, and opinions as you read, and to hear about your dating stories, someone's got to have a crazier story than mine, right? Tell me! I'm nosy.

If you want or need to talk, find me on twitter, tumblr, or ask.fm.

Thanks for reading.