The Podcast!

Hello lovelies!

I'm pretty into podcasts lately, and have noticed a major lack of the kind of queer podcast I'd want to listen to, soooo, with Elle as my co-host, I introduce to you

Listen to the podcast right here, thanks to Stitcher Radio:

To listen on your iPhone, click here!
Listen on SoundCloud here.

Keep sending in your questions and comments for us to talk about on the podcast! Use my page, ask box on tumblr, or submit a comment on the podcast website to submit your questions and comments (relationship questions/sex questions/dating questions/discussion topics/comments/anything you'd like to hear us talk about). Make sure to leave your name (or twitter) if you want a shoutout "on the air." 

NOTE: If you submit an question and DON'T want it answered in the podcast, and prefer the regular old typing way, please say that in your question!

Can't wait to start "talking" with all of you :)

If you'd like to support us someday purchasing an actual microphone, donate here!

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