Who's Who

10.0--the woman who was the proverbial key in my lesbian lock.  I met her, fell in love with her, and she, completely without her knowing, was the final push I needed to end my marriage.  If I hadn't met her, I'm not sure when/if I would have realized that I was gay. I never told her.

Swiss Miss (SM)--the first woman that I seriously dated. I met her on OKCupid. She's the first person I had (lesbian) sex with, and our relationship was...a bit complicated, at best. She's engaged now. (Not to me! Godspeed!)

Hot Cop--one of the most exhilarating experiences I've had since I started dating women. Met her during Pride, had a short, steamy fling with her, and that was it. I just friended her on Facebook LOL.

Young One (YO)--met her on OKC, too. She's 24, has a live-in girlfriend, and was at the beginning of trying out polyamory when I met her.

Super Cutie (SC)--She was a question mark, and a source of much confusion, for quite a while. No longer a question mark. We were friends, I think, for awhile? Not anymore.

Elle--my first real, significant girlfriend.

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