Thursday, March 19, 2015

Casting call


Long time, no type, I know, and I'm sorry! I have no excuse.

But I'm back online to pass along an opportunity that some of you might be interested in, and possibly really helped by! Also, maybe be on TV!

There's a new reality show on the horizon that is planning an episode where women who are trying to figure out if they are gay, or bi, or queer, and want to start dating women will be paired up with a coach who will help them through the scary, stressful, invigorating morass of entering the lesbian dating scene. I heard about it because they actually want me to be one of the coaches! I can't do that, sadly, what with the pseudonym and the other career and all, but I can still pass the info along to you.

So, the blurb they sent me is below-I don't love the implication that a woman might be interested in dating women solely because she's "fed up with men" (that's the kind of stuff that I think invalidates and minimizes the reality of sexual fluidity and reinforces the false binary) but I do think it's an interesting idea and something that should be on TV, if for no other reason than to bring more attention to something that so many of us have struggled through and felt so alone in experiencing.

Let me know what you think about this, I'm really curious if people will actually sign up.



Are you fed up with men and considering dating women? Have you just gone through a serious breakup or divorce and are ready for a big change? Are you feeling a pull towards women and want to see where it leads you? Magilla Entertainment and a major cable network are now casting women who are jumping back into the dating game and are looking to change their approach for 21 days. Following the “21 Day Myth” in which people can mentally and physically make changes after this specific time period, this docu-series will capture the excitement and the fears of the women as they test out this new lifestyle change with the help of a coach. If you think you are ready to embark on this journey, contact us ASAP at with “BI-CURIOUS” in the subject along with your name, age, location, occupation, contact numbers, recent photos and a brief paragraph about why you want to experience dating women.


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  2. I just found your pod cast yesterday and listened to all of them on Sticker. I'm so on love with this show. I wish I could comment on Sticher, but I've found your blog! Now I need to find y'alls Twitter.

  3. Thank you so much I'm so glad you like the show! We've been on hiatus for a bit but are coming back! You CAN actually leave a review on stitcher if you go to the Stitcher show page on the web at and scroll down, there's a link on the right side to write a review and it would be so helpful! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you on Twitter! xx

  4. I just found your podcast this week and binge-listened to them all in two days. I had tried out several other lesbian themed podcasts, but didn't find them interesting. I was super excited to find New Lesbian podcast, not only because it's engaging and funny, but also because I am a "new" lesbian myself and I never realized how many women there are like me.

    I grew up thinking that all gay people just know without a doubt that they are gay from the time that they are born. I was always confused and unsure, so I just kept dating men thinking I would eventually find one that I felt compatible with.

    Meanwhile, all the women I crushed on were either straight or already in a relationship. I never felt like I could be a part of the gay community since I had never actually been with or even dated a woman. Now I realize that if I had been out as a gay person, I would have had a better chance of meeting gay women. Case in point, my girlfriend and I hung out with one another as friends for 6 months because we both assumed the other was 100 percent straight. We were both scared to admit our feelings for fear of making our friendship awkward. But all is well now.

    I am a 32 year old "new" lesbian and for the first time in my life I have found someone with whom I am compatible and comfortable. I don't feel trapped or suffocated and I understand now why all my relationships with men were miserable failures. Also, she said I don't have to shave my legs for her...Yes!!! (But I do anyways) :-)

    I hope you continue to podcast, because you are doing something worthwhile and I'm sure I'm not the only one inspired and comforted by your open honesty and humor.

  5. Wow, what an amazing thing to read first thing in the morning, hi! I'm so glad you like what we're doing, and that you are able to be yourself now and have found what sounds like an awesome lady :) it's nice for me too to hear from someone else who is in her 30s and just figuring things out. So just as much as it means to you that I'm here, it means that much to me that YO'URE here.
    We are literally planning to record again THIS WEEKEND with our shiny new mic, so you won't have to wait long-would you be okay with us reading part of your comment on the show? (Also, are you on Twitter? Find me!)
    Thanks again for writing, xx

  6. Yes, you are welcome to read my comment. I am @griffoxy on twitter. Good luck with the shiny new mic and I look forward to the new episode.