Thursday, January 9, 2014

Resolutions (and...a poll!)

Hi lovelies!

I'm excited about this new year, especially because this year is the year that I will self-publish my book! I'm really excited to share my whole story with all of you. As much as you know about my journey already from following my blog, there's SO MUCH MORE that happened before where this blog picked up, it's pretty cray and fairly hilarious when it's not, well...tragic. But then it gets less tragic! Can't wait for you all to read it.

I've started working on the book cover design, and am resolving to write/edit regularly so that I can GET IT DONE. As much as I want to do it, it's also a pretty daunting task. I mean, what the fuck do I know about publishing a book? Nothing, that's what. So it's a learning process, and a slow one, but I will do it, and I will do it THIS YEAR!

Get pumped.

I also want to write more here this year. To be honest, I've been feeling confused and conflicted about how to use this blog lately. It started out as my place to angst about the confusing mess my life was in, but very thankfully things aren't NEARLY so confusing or messy anymore, so there's much less angst-ing to be done, but...I still want to write and share and dialogue with you guys.  I of course have more to say about my experiences as a new lesbian, but I'm wondering...what else would you want to read? Here are some ideas I have:

  • My opinions on various LGBTQ goings on, politically speaking
  • A "book club" of sorts: I'm reading constantly, and always have plenty to say about the books I read--I'm thinking maybe a "I've read this! Have you? You should! Now let's talk about it!" kind of thing
  • Beauty picks--as some of you know, I've been embracing my femme-y, make-up loving side lately, and have lots to say about the stuff I'm loving/using/drooling over, but obviously this is NOT a beauty blog. Wondering if people want to read about this stuff?
  • Q&A/Advice-this one would depend totally on you guys, of course, but I would love to answer people's questions about relationships/dating stuff/coming out/identity stuff, since I've been through so much of it myself, and provide a space (in the comments) where you can talk to each other!
So, does anyone want to read any of that? Leave your thoughts in the comments, please and thank you!

(If no one does, and I'm left to my own devices, I might just start writing about whatever I happen to be thinking about every day.  Fair warning, what I think about every day is One Direction, how cute my girlfriend is, what I want to be eating right now, and Harry Styles,'ve been warned)



  1. Okaaaay: let's do this. :)

    - LGBTQ: Always an interesting conversation. Politically speaking things still need to change. Love Obama for the Sochi delegation, what a nice not so subtle stance against Russia. Utah...happy for a moment but those folks will not let it go! Ohhhhh, what about LGBTQ music, films, books and what not? Too generic?

    - Book club: Definitely an awesome way to meet the minds and discuss various themes and topics. I suggest for you...The Red Tent, The Light Between Oceans, Gone Girl, and Outliers.

    - Beauty picks - Fun!! I just started wearing a bit more makeup to be more polished without looking fussy. Lipgloss that whitens your teeth -

    (Clearly I need more in my arsenal)

    - Coming out: Important to hear about and relate to.

    As for your other topics:

    your girlfriend: what is it about her that makes you swoon?

    Eating: Sushi for me. Do you cook?

    Harry Styles:

    That's all I have for you. Hopefully more people will weigh in!!

  2. yaaaayyyyyyy thanks for the input! Looks like you will have sole voting power over what I write about, haha! I think I'm most excited about writing about some of my makeup loves, so that's probably coming soonest.
    (btw, I of course had seen those 1D links already, but I looked at them all again! Never can have enough pictures of Harry Styles in your life, I say.)

  3. Books: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. just read it on a rec from a friend as the best "coming of age" book she has ever read. you know? its damn good. Also, Tomorrow There will be Apricots by Jessica Scoffer. Nice book. Make you want fooood!!!! What are some of your favorite books? I need a new one soon! Almost finished with The Alchemist. Holler at me with some titles!