Friday, February 28, 2014

Married, Divorced, and Gay by 30-my book (cover)!

It's my book cover, y'all!

I am so excited to finally share with all of you the final cover design for my memoir, "Married, Divorced, and Gay by 30".  It was designed by Kim Carmel, and I hope you like it!

Now begins the big push. I'm trying to work on the book every day, but I have to admit, I keep psyching myself out. Like, why the fuck will anyone care about my life, you know? But I know that it's a good story, part cautionary tale, part bat-shit crazy, part "omg how do I have sex with ladies?!" and part...well, happy ending, I guess :) So I'm gonna put it out there, and I'll let you lovelies be the judge. *wipes flop sweat from forehead*

I've put a teaser sampler up on if you'd like a taste of the VERY different place my story starts than where this blog picked up.  If you like it, let me know by clicking "like" on Goodreads--that's how I'll know if you want MOAR TEASERS.

Thanks for your support you guys!


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