Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Read this...and this...

Hi lovelies!
I wanted to give you all an update on some things I'm working on, so this is a bit of a housekeeping post.

First, I want to send you over to, specifically to "The Lesbian Experience".  Medium is a site (I think it's kind of new) that lets you easily share your writing, in a space that's all about reading good shit. I dig it. The site is based around "Collections" which you can follow to more easily find writing that interests you, about topics that you care about.

As I've been clicking around over there (looking for the gay stuff, of course) I saw that there's a bit of a lack of collections focusing on the lesbian experience (whatever that means), so...I started one, to hopefully provide a central hub for that writing. I KNOW that some of you who lurk around here have amazing, impactful things to say and stories to tell, so I hope that you might consider writing something (about any aspect of your story) and submitting it to "The Lesbian Experience" collection so that others (and I!) can read your stories and learn from and support teach other! I'm pretty excited about this because I think it's a great way for those of you who don't want to bother with starting a blog to still be able to share your experiences, and have them be seen.  The single most helpful thing for me has been knowing that I'm not alone in whatever shit I'm dealing with, so I hope "The Lesbian Experience" collection can be a way to remind us all of that. We're not alone!

The second thing I want to clue you guys in on is that I've created a "Read This!" page where I'll be putting links to all the books I've talked about here (and some I haven't yet) that were meaningful for me that I think you should read, too. It's a work in progress, so check back there once in awhile for new recommendations.

Finally, I started in Instagram, also @edie_wyatt (like my twitter), so go follow me if you're on that and I'll follow you too! Obviously since Edie's my pseudonym there won't be any selfies (womp womp) but I really joined more to be able to see all the great gay stuff that's on instagram, and to have another way to connect with you lovelies. So, I'll see you on there <3

Finally finally I've been neglecting my tumblr (so. much. social. media. gaaaahhh), but am planning to get back on there now too, so...stay tuned!

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