Thursday, June 26, 2014


Happy Pride lovelies!!

It's June, that time of year when all the gays frolic in the streets of their respective cities being loud and rainbow colored and proud of who they are. A lovely time. far all I've done to "celebrate" this wonderful and important month is go see Tegan and Sara twice in 3 days. That counts, though, right?

I have to admit, I've been feeling pretty lazy lately and just haven't been able to get myself fully into the pride spirit this year. Maybe it's because I've haven't been feeling 100%, maybe it's because I'm just fucking old and don't want to do the whole party thing anymore. Parties always end up being a really expensive and exhausting let down. Why not just celebrate pride by...being proud, you know?

I think I'll probably do the Dyke March this year, which has become a bit of a tradition with my group of queers, and might actually watch the parade this year instead of just being drunk somewhere while it marches past LOL. And maybe brunch?

Wow. Can't you just feel the enthusiasm??!!??

Anyway, what are you loves doing (or what HAVE you done?) to celebrate this month? Inspire me!


(P.S. Elle and I will be recording another episode of the New Lesbian podcast this weekend, too! So keep your questions/comments/thoughts coming, and click here for a more podcast specific update.)

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