Sunday, April 15, 2012

A month of texts with my mother

The following is approximately a months worth of texts from my mother. I'm clearing out my phone and need to get rid of this loooooooong conversation chain, but as I went to delete them, I couldn't bear to not record the absurdity of the way we communicate for posterity. [Feel free to skip this one, dear readers!]

Mar. 21

Hi E, how was your day? Love mom

Hi E, how was your day? Love mom

Hi mom, sorry, phone was still on vibrate from work! Today was long and busy!

Ok. At least you can sleep late. Good nite. love mom

Oh did the walker walk Fluffy today?

Mar. 22

How are you & Fluffy? Love mom

Hi mom, we're good. I'm on my way to see hunger games midnight showing, very excited! How are u and dad?

We are ok. Enjoy movie. Be careful goin home. Love u

I couldn't sleep. Did u get home ok? Love mom

Mar. 23

Yes, I did

Ok. Love u. Have a good day love mom

Hi, how was the movie? Love mom

Hi, how was the movie? Love mom

Hi mom, it was okay, not doing any more midnight shows tho!

Why? Long day @ work?


Sorry, yes, long day

Get some rest. Love u

Mar. 24

Good morn. Are you rested? Bridge here today. I'm getting the house ready. Love mom

Good morn. Are you rested? Bridge here today. I'm getting the house ready. Love mom

Hi mom, did you mean to send the same text from this morning?? I am rested, yes, on my way to a birthday party now


Mar. 25

Hello, how are you? Love mom

Hi mom, I'm alright, had a busy weekend!

Oh, what did you do?

Birthday party last night, and still recovering from the midnight movie thursday!

Relax. Love u

Mar. 26

Good morning E. How are you? Have you recovered? Love mom

How Are you? Love mom

Hi mom, I'm good, how're you?

Hi, we are ok. I will get a shot in right hip. Pain trying to come back. Hold on exercise until. After shot. Take care of yourself & fluffy. Love mom

Oooooh, sorry to hear that :( when are you getting the shot?

Thur. Getting it early before the discomfort gets severe like last year. when I have trouble walking & fell the razor blade cutting sensation I know now it's bad.

Mar. 31

Hello E. How are you today? Love mom

Are you ok?

Hi mom, sorry, phone's been in other room. I'm fine!

Ok. Love u

Apr 1

Hi, how are you? Did you get the car information from your dad?

Hi mom, I'm good, had brunch with S today. And yep, I got it yesterday

Ok. Did you take fluffy back? Love mom

Nope I have him for another week

Ok. Love u.

Love you too good night!

Apr 3

Hi, how are you? Love mom

Hi mom, I'm alright, working on dissertation stuff tonight

Ok. Proud of you. Love mom

Apr 4

Hi E, how was your day? We are in [town where my grandmother lives]. Love mom

Hi mom, today was fine, busy but good! Tell grandma I say hello!

Apr 5

We came to {town} to go with your grandma to dr. She is fine. Her echo was different from last year & they want to compare and see why changes.  Your grandma & dad ate chicken feet. I have my limits none for me. Love mom

Are you ok? No reply.

Sorry yes! Didn't see your txt before. Heading to bed, thanks for letting me know about grandma!

Ok. Good nite. Love u

Apr 6

Hi, how are you? Is today a holiday for you?

Hi mom, no it's not, we're working today!

Your grandma's diagnosis aortic stenosis possible open heart surgery.

Are you ok? Your voice sounded angry when you hung up. Love mom

Good nite E. Love mom

Good night mom, sorry I didn't txt back, I was a bit upset b/c I said I didn't understand why you texted me instead of calling me about grandma and you brushed it off and said "oh ok" and went on with the that's why I might have sounded different

Sorry E. I'm a little fatigued. Please excuse.

Apr 8

Hi, left you a message earlier.

Is everything ok?

Hi mom, sorry have been with friends all day, at dinner now, haven't gotten to listen to your vmail

Ok. Just wanted to talk.

Apr 9

Hi, how are you? Love mom

just got out of seeing titanic 3d. I'm fine,will try to call tomorrow!

Ok. Love mom

Apr 10

Hi, love u mom

Hi, love u mom

Hi mom. Sorry didn't see your text earlier

Ok. Just making sure you're alright. Love u

Okay. I'm fine, just busy/tired

I understand busy/tired that was my day busy/tired.  Trying to rest my nerves now. Good nite. Love mom

Apr 11

Hi, how are you? Love mom

Hi, how are you? Love mom

Apr 12

Hi E, I'm @ work. How are you? Love mom

Hi mom, I'm alright, ready for Friday. How's your back?

Hi, my back is better. Joined golds gym. Went to gym mon & wed. Your dad is taking your grandma to dr. today. Will decide date for surg. Friday will be here soon enough. Hang in there. Love mom

Apr 13

How was your day? Love mom

Hi mom, it was ok, going to see a movie then home. Got your email, will call tomorrow to find out about grandma. 'Night!

Ok. Be safe. Love mom

Apr 14

Hi, how are you? Love mom

Hi, how are you? Love mom

I got your text mom, on my way home from something will call in a bit.


Reading this back, all I can say is...sigh. I don't understand her. I wish I did.


  1. She's bored and she needs a dog.

  2. I agree with MakingSpace.

    Also I hope your grandmother is going to be okay.

  3. Ever think that she just loves you and wishes you were more a part of her life? You are short with her, she is obviously struggling and sad and lonely. Just my opinion, but give your mom a break.

    Hope your gma is okay.

  4. So, I just saw this last comment from Anonymous. Have I ever thought that she loves me and wishes she were more a part of my life? Absolutely, I think that very often, and she has said as much. I have also said as much to her. But there's a lot of painful history, painful interactions, and attempts on my part to clear the air with my mother and move us into a closer, more open relationship that have been politely nodded at and "yes dear"-ed, and then nothing has changed. I can see how I might seem callous and not understanding, but please know that that's not the case. My bemusement is how I deal with being so sad that my mother and I are...well, like what you read.