Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January 6, 2011--full...

This past week has really been almost too much. But it's been too much in wonderful, invigorating ways.

On Sunday I realized that I wanted an open marriage.
On Monday I told my husband that.
On Tuesday I fully acknowledged to myself that I absolutely and completely want to fuck the beautiful lesbian office manager at my job (she will henceforth be referred to as 10.0) and sort of told my husband *that*.
On Tuesday I also started reading 'The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks'. It is amazing.
On Wednesday I realized that women, too, think about sex constantly, *once they know who they want to be having sex with*.
On Wednesday I also moved through the entire day feeling like a bi-sexual woman, at the very *least*, and I felt beautiful and on fire and happy and free. On Wednesday I also flirted a lot with 10.0 on facebook, and fell more in love with her.

Today, Thursday, she sat next to me at lunch, an extremely amazing thing, esp. since she very rarely joins us in the conference room for lunch. More amazing still is that I talked to her for most of the hour, asked her questions, showed her I was interested in knowing her, hinted at not being happy with my husband, expressed in no uncertain terms that I want to do karaoke with her, told her that I love brunch, and food, and passion, and singing and was told by her that I should move to brooklyn (where she lives), and let her know ahead of time if I plan to go into brooklyn for the nite. We also discussed how nice it is that we're getting to know each other better, all thanks to facebook, which is so true and strange.

Then. One of my best friends went into labor and is about to bring 2 new beings into the world. I told 10.0 about this excitedly, and then, as I was leaving work and told her I was going, she asked, 'do you want to take the bear?? Take the bear!' and tossed me this little fluffy brown bear to keep me company. At least, that's why I think she gave it to me, though maybe it's for my friend, now that I think about it. Whatever, she's thoughtful and sweet, and said for me to let 'them' know how it went. And now, as I'm on the train to my friend's side, feeling so emotional and excited and happy, I couldn't help myself and sent 10.0 a thank you message, on fb, of course. So while I'm anxiously waiting to get to the hospital, I'm also freaking about possibly coming on too strong, b/c she hasn't responded. And that could very easily be b/c she's working, duh. That's probably all it is...



  1. My comment that never got posted was commenting on how crazy it is that our lives were fundamentally shifting so profoundly at the same time. Just realizing that even more. I was in too much of a fog at the time.

  2. do you have this book available to to lend???? on a kindle?